Kinepolis Gift Shop

Macbook on a desk in a dark room, with a desk lamp illuminating the scene. On the screen the Kinepolis website is open, showing a page where you can buy a Kinepolis Family Card.
Key facts
ClientKinepolis Group
SectorEntertainment, E-commerce
Period02/2011 – 11/2011
TechnologyWebshop (responsive), client portal, admin portal
ResponsibilitiesStakeholder alignment, UX design, UX testing, UI design

The Kinepolis Group is a Belgium-based cinema chain with 110 theaters in Europe and North America.
In their Gift Shop, they mainly sell gift boxes with tickets and/or food vouchers. Around the holiday season, their sales peak. Next to the B2C webshop, they also needed a B2B website as companies also like to spoil their employees and business relations with cinema tickets.

As Kinepolis is a multi-national, stakeholders from different countries needed to be aligned on the requirements for the renewed gift shop.

In a series of (remote) workshop, I facilitated the discussion on business rules and processes that took place behind the scenes.

Flowchart illustrating the different steps in the process.
A man holding his smartphone in one hand and a credit card in his other hand. He is looking at the Kinepolis website to buy a Movie box 2.0 with two movie vouchers inside.

Then the web shop wireframing could start, where I designed screens such as the product overview, product detail, shopping cart and order flow.

As the website should be responsive, I designed views for mobile and desktop screens.

For the payment flow, I designed a custom Adyen integration.

Man sitting at a desk, ordering something in the Kinepolis web shop.
Man sitting at a desk, viewing his orders on the Kinepolis B2B portal.

For B2B users, I also designed a customer portal, where they could view orders, download invoices and manage their account info.

Next to their public website, I also designed an admin portal for Kinepolis employees to manage their customers, orders, products, pricing, etc.

The gift shop also needed customizable branding/white-labelling, as Kinepolis operates in multiple countries, sometimes under different brands (e.g. Landmark Cinemas in Canada and Full Barcelona in Spain).

Woman at her desk, viewing the list of customers in the Kinepolis admin portal.
Woman at a desk, testing a prototype of the Kinepolis website shopping cart.

In order to improve the design, I organized user testing sessions with both B2C and B2B users.

Based on their feedback, I made adjustments like for example an improved filter and fine-tuned copy.

From facilitating requirements gathering across multiple countries to wireframing intuitive user flows, designing both admin and B2B customer portals, and iterating based on user feedback, this project is a great showcase for the entire user experience design process.

This resulted in a digital solution that meets the unique needs of a multinational business while providing a comprehensive and seamless experience for both B2C and B2B customers.