My name is Tine, and I’m currently a Senior UX Designer, Researcher & Strategist at icapps (Antwerp, Belgium).

I’m fascinated by how technology can be applied to create more ethical (accessible, inclusive) and sustainable products.

What I do

Strategic workshops

I design, organize and facilitate workshops with clients that serve different purposes. Sometimes it is as high-level as creating a company mission and vision statement. Sometimes it takes the form of a brainstorm-like creative session to explore the possibilities of a certain technology. And sometimes we dive head-first into a product, and define and MVP.

Some examples:

  • Design sprint for Zembro
  • Digital Strategy and Blueprint workshop for PEAK coaching
  • Impact Mapping workshop for EDF Luminus
  • Innovation workshop for Essent
  • Internal strategy workshops for icapps

UX design

I map information flows, wireframe and build interactive mockups, in order to create engaging user experiences.

Some examples:

  • Creating online insurance quotes on Qover’s website
  • A chatbot that answers all your questions around your Keytrade Credit Card
  • A mobile app to configure your home wi-fi for the UAE customers of Etisalat
  • A multi-branded mobile app for Mediahuis’s main news brands: De Standaard, Het Belang van Limburg, Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Nieuwsblad
  • Digitizing the onboarding flow for Amonis’s pension plans
  • An app and responsive website to check stock levels and operations at VTTI terminals

UX research

I research the needs and wishes of different stakeholders through interviews and user observations. After a prototype is created, I perform user testing, so users can experience the future product and provide feedback on how it can be further improved.

Some examples:

  • Observing how operators at Port of Antwerp Bruges perform their daily activities, in order to be able to design a concept for a new tool
  • Interviewing young medical specialists about their experiences, needs and wishes regarding their pension plan for Amonis
  • Visiting private bankers with a prototype for a new KBC Securities Research Portal
  • Testing an iPad prototype for Electronic Health records with seniors, disabled and their caregivers for VP Plus

UX coaching

In the past, I have lead a team of 15 designers and strategists, from recruiting them to coaching them on their professional growth.
As an internship supervisor, I have also guided interns on their first steps in the professional world.

Next to that, I have coached more junior UX designers in their daily projects, by giving them feedback on their designs and helping them come up with solutions for complex problems. Some example projects include the KBC Bolero mobile app, internal tools for Port of Antwerp Bruges and the Banqup platform by Unified Post Group.

Product management

To guarantee product quality and bridge the gap between design and development, I have acted as a Product Owner.

My tasks included analyzing requirements, documenting features into user stories, deciding on priorities together with the client and testing newly developed features when ready. For some clients, I have also created custom analytics dashboards, in which their data was visualized. Some example projects include the Zembro, KBC Bolero and Technicolor Etisalat mobile apps.

Other roles & responsibilities

For some projects, I have taken on the role of a Scrum Master that facilitated the development process (e.g. for Telenet Yelo web in 2015).

As an Innovation Ambassador, I have coordinated internal R&D efforts around AR/VR (2017-2018), as well as attended and organized a few hackathons (e.g. for Liberty Global, Telenet & Studio Brussel).


I’ve been designing digital products since 2010, when I started working as a UX consultant at Human Interface Group (now acquired by PwC).

Before that, I had been focusing on physical products, ranging from consumer hardware and toys to solar-powered car racing cars and sustainable transport concepts.

I hold a BSc degree in Industrial Design Engineering and an MSc in Design for Interaction, both from Delft University of Technology.
I chose to specialize in “Technology in Sustainable Development”, with elective courses on Product-Service Systems, Internationalisation and a Master’s thesis centered around playfully reducing electricity consumption for families with children.

Former clients

At icapps, clients I’ve worked for include large Belgian and international companies such as Telenet, Mediahuis, Mobile Vikings, Bolero/KBC Securities, NMBS, Keytrade Bank, Technicolor (now Vantiva) and Kinepolis.
I also made a difference for promising start-ups like Zembro, Connective (now Nitro), Qover and Tadaam.

During my time at Human Interface Group, I have been working for clients such as USG People (now RGF Staffing), Pentair, ETAP Lighting and DHL.
Next to that, I also worked on a European research collaboration, SmarcoS, with amongst others Philips, Sirris, Evalan, VTT, Tecnalia, Indra, Twente University, Honeywell and Nokia.

Public speaking

As a public speaker, I have presented my work and shared insights in schools, companies and at networking events:

  • “How the cloud will change your life (as a designer, but also as a human being)”, lecture at Delft University of Technology, March 2012
  • “User testing”, in-company training at Mediahuis, March 2016
  • “UX Case studies”, lecture at AP Hogeschool, April 2019
  • “Designing for TV”, talk at UX Antwerp Meetup, November 2019
  • “Design Thinking”, in-company training at Credendo, December 2019
  • “Design for Apple TV”, (remote) in-company training at VRT, October 2021

Honors & awards

  • Nominated Young ICT Lady of the Year 2017 (Belgium)
  • Finalist Best Graduates 2010 (The Netherlands)
  • Winner of the World Solar Challenge 2007 (Australia)